Did you know 40% of teens have engaged in sexting?

The Detoured App... Reroutes, Locks Down and Stops Sexts From Leaving the Phone!

  • Detoured’s QuickScan technology stores and locks inappropriate images.
  • Prevent your child from sending and sharing nude or pornographic images.
  • Protect your child’s reputation and future college & career opportunities.

Why Families Need Detoured

Prevent embarrassment and humiliation if a sexting scandal is taking place in your community

Avoid possible school suspensions, police involvement and in some states, criminal charges.

Preserve good record for future job and college prospects

When does Detoured quarantine inappropriate images?

1. You trust your child with their smartphone, but can you trust their classmates? With Detoured, even if a nude or pornographic image is sent to and saved on your child’s device, even inadvertently, it is automatically stored and locked down in the Detoured app. This inappropriate image is then prevented from ever leaving your child’s phone.

2. If your child takes an inappropriate nude image - whether they intend to send and share or not - they will be prevented from doing so because once it is taken by the phone’s camera, it is automatically scanned by Detoured and if inappropriate, stored in the app until the parent can review it.

3. When a nude or pornographic photo is downloaded from the Internet, for example if your child taps on an image in a webpage or app and chooses to save it, these images are scanned and automatically routed to the Detoured app.

Appropriate images are scanned as well and remain available on the device.


Every Image on the Phone is Scanned

Detoured scans every image taken with the smartphone’s camera, downloaded from the internet, or saved from a message.

Analyzed for
Nudity and Porn

Detoured's QuickScan image analyzing technology immediately determines whether a photo contains nudity or pornography.

Images Never Leave
the Phone

Inappropriate images are promptly quarantined; locked down and password-protected in-app. They never leave the device.

Parents Immediately Notified

Parents are notified by e-mail when Detoured has found and quarantined an inappropriate image on the child's device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What doesn’t Detoured prevent?

Detoured detects images on the device (downloaded from the internet, screenshots, and incoming images sent via MMS), quarantines them, and blocks kids from sending inappropriate pictures. It does not prevent children from accessing inappropriate content on their device by browsing the web.

Can my child uninstall Detoured?

Detoured is password-protected on the device to prevent uninstallation. Additionally, parents are sent an email alert when the app has been tampered with.

What happens to inappropriate photos?

Once Detoured has identified a photo as inappropriate it is immediately locked down on the device. The image is inaccessible from the device's gallery and cannot be sent outbound via MMS text. The image remains "locked down" on the child device (the image never leaves the device) until the parent accesses the device and approves or denies them.

Does Detoured interfere with my child's device?

No. Detoured runs silently in the background on the device. It does not appear on the menu bar, though a logo will appear on the device's homescreen.

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About Us

As parents ourselves, we understand that smartphones, social media, apps and other digital media and devices are here to stay, and that in many ways, it’s a good thing. But for some of us, our relationship with digital media can be complicated.

We struggle with how to understand and navigate our children’s technology use. Here at Zift, we believe that knowing how our children are spending their time online, with whom and what they’re doing, is essential. That's why we built Detoured, the Anti-Sexting app.

What Customers Are Saying

Two boys in my son’s class were just arrested after forwarding a sexting image. Kids just don’t think before they post!

Christine Blair Topeka, KS

I can’t say enough about this app, if I didn’t get an alert my daughter would have sent an image that could have followed her for the rest of her life.

Ashley Chance Philadelphia, PA

I didn’t even know my son had a girlfriend, until I got an alert of a quarantined image. We had a long conversation on what you can and can’t do on your phone.

Jamie Martinez Alamagordo, NM

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